Let’s Talk Talk Radio

Ever since the Fairness Doctrine was repealed by the FCC, liberals have been trying to get it reenacted. Why? Because they flat-out suck at it. And if they can’t be good at it, no one can.

[For those of you not familiar with the Fairness Doctrine, the CliffsNotes on it is if a radio station broacasts an hour of one opinion, it has to provide equal opportunity for opposing views]

Conservative talk-show hosts have flourished and dominated the airwaves while liberal shows have crashed and burned. Why? Because they can’t attract listeners from other parties. Conservative radio flows because it pisses off democrats and they continue to listen and call in to get ripped to pieces by hosts who are far more informed and intelligent.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are the Triumvirate of Talk Radio, and every liberal left of Ann Coulter hates them. Why? Because they’re right. And every liberal hates being out-smarted by more capable conservatives.

In America there’s this thing called free speech…First Amendment, you might have heard of it. Liberals tend to support it…but only when it suits them. When minorities are given a voice or when it’s time for Bush to be bashed, then free speech is fine. Or when they’re desperately trying to win votes, it’s fine. But not when something’s being said that they don’t agree with. Then free speech is a probem.

A week ago, the Democrats held a debate that was broadcast on Univision in Spanish. The Republicans refused to partake because they feel that in an English-speaking country, the leader should lead in English. The Democrats countered with the fact that 15% of the United States speak Spanish. Well, that true, but most of those Spanish speaking people in the US also speak English, and therefore have no need for a Spanish-broadcast debate. The “Americans” that speak ONLY Spanish? Criminal illegal aliens that don’t have the right to vote anyways.

In other news, Vicente Fox (Mexican President) called George W. Bush the “cockiest man he’s met.” This from the man who thinks he can tell the United States how and to what extent it can protect its own border? Please.

Also, Hillary’s about to reveal her new Healthcare Plan. Let’s hope this one doesn’t send people to jail for using doctors not approved by her master plan. Hold on to your band-aids America, here comes socialism!

And finally, the California Supreme Court ruled that high schools can’t censor their students in their newspapers. Andrew Smith sued his school district for censoring much of his work, specifically his plan to rid the state of it’s exoberant amount of illegal criminal aliens.
~~”It can’t be hard to find and detain the people who can’t speak English. If a person looks suspicious than just stop them and ask a few questions, and if they answer ‘que?,’ detain them and see if they are legal.”~~
Sounds like a plan to me. It may inconvenience the few legal immigrants, but if they can provide legal docmentation, more power to them. Get a job and contribute to the country, and if you already do, learn English. Apparently breaking the law is okay if you’re sneaking into the country and mooching off hardworking, legal citizens.


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