Hillary’s Heathcare Plan

Let me get this out. I agree with something in Clinton’s Plan. I’ll repeat that. Yes, NATHANIEL G. BALLANCE AGREES WITH SOMETHING HILLARY CLINTON PLANS ON DOING. Shocking, I know, but sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

Hillary Clinton unveiled her new healthcare plan the other day and it will NOT cover illegal criminal aliens. Even Hillary seems to understand that criminals don’t deserve any benefits from the government, except a free ride out of the country.

Now we’ll trash the rest of her plan.

Hillary told people that her plan would not be government run. Yeah, right. In her plan, everyone will be required to purchase a health insurance policy, either individually or through an employer. And just who is going to require the purchase of these policies? Hall monitors? Well, not exactly. The Imperial Federal Government will do the requiring here, and the enforcing.

I forgot that our Constitution grants the Federal Government the right to force American citizens to purchase something, let along a health care policy. Oh no I didn’t, because it doesn’t.

Hillary compared her healthcare plan to auto insurance. She said that states require people to purchase auto insurance before they can drive. The only time you can be required to purchase automobile insurance by a state government is if you wish to drive an automobile on a state or government owned highway. You can own a car and drive it around your private property to your heart’s content without buying insurance, or without wearing a seatbelt of having operating headlights, for that matter. Hillary’s comparison is stupid wrong, but I suppose it’s the best she can do. Poor girl.

Oh…and wouldn’t you know it? Hillary’s plan includes increasing taxes. Although she doesn’t call it a tax increase…she used the MoveOn approved code phrase of “repealing the Bush tax cuts.”

Someone once asked me if I liked Hillary and I said no. They then asked me why I didn’t like her. I couldn’t really come up with a solid reason. So I’ve started doing my homework, and I’ve unearthed plenty of reasons I don’t like, and won’t vote, for Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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