The Price Is Wrong

I’ve never really enjoyed the Price Is Right, but I was a fan of Bob Barker. I hate these women that have been on the show.

“How much did he bid Bob?”
“Oh, okay. $999, Bob!”

First off, that’s just cheap, and second, why can’t these people remember what the person before them bid 10 seconds ago? Because they’re too busy listening to the audience because they’re brainless idiots who can’t think for themselves.

And another situation that I hate.

“One dollar Bob!”

I think you should be within like $100. You’re bidding on a piano that’s worth $4,000 and the first three people bid $5000, $6000 and $7000. And then that last woman pipes in her one dollar bid and win.

Now Bob Barker is gone and so is my attention to the show. They’ve replaced him with one of my least favorite people: Drew Carey. Not only is Drew Carey completely unfunny and unoriginal, he’s also a fat, out-of-shape pervert. Who, has just injured his arm while rehearsing for the Grocery Game. Which, I may add, Barker perfectly executed it over 15,000 times in his career.

In my opinion, Drew Carey will kill the show. He’ll end up doing something outrages that will upset the little liberals that actually watch the show, for the show. What happens when they get a little old lady who needs help to spin the wheel and Drew Carey can’t do it?


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