Lindsay Lohan’s Work Ethic

As we were sitting in the movie theatre waiting for Rush Hour 3, and before the previews had started, as is the norm in a movie theatre, they were cycling fluff slides through on the screen. They had quotes from celebrities on some of the slides such as “Inappropriate humor makes me laugh” (Will Ferrell) and “I feel education is the most important” (Sandra Bullock). But the one that got me was Lindsay Lohan’s:

“I’m the hardest working person I know”
-Lindsay Lohan

As could be expected, the entire theatre erupted into hysterical laughter at this obviously humorous quotation. But then Greg, sitting by me, made a good point. Look who Lindsay Lohan hangs out with…Paris Hilton, Nichole Richie, Tara Reid…Lindsay Lohan probably IS the hardest working person she knows.


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