My Vice Presidential Inaugural Speech

Columbia – February 16, 2007

As was noted in my previous post, I was elected as RHA’s next Vice President on Friday night in the Elm Street Ballroom at the Upper Crust. The favorable outcome necessitated a speech from both me and Greg. Being the Vice President-elect I was first on the program. Justin Ginter swore me in (and I was rather nervous as I repeated after him, fearful that I would stumble over the words, or forget them altogether) but just as my constant worrying about the outcome of the election, my nervousness here was unwarranted. After I was successfully and uneventfully sworn in, Justin returned to his seat and I was left alone in front of nearly 100 people to speak. I had left writing an acceptance speech until about two hours before the ball because I didn’t want to think about it too much. But when I finally delivered the speech, it was the ‘hit of the evening’ according to the MUSN reporter I spoke with afterwards. So here it is:

“Wow. Thanks for sufficiently dragging that out Heather. I arrived on campus two years ago an 18-year old freshman, and if you had asked where I saw myself in two years, I would have probably answered ‘living off-campus in a nice apartment, carrying a 4.0 GPA and dating a beautiful and smart young woman. Now I’m currently entering my third year living on campus, my GPA is closer to three than four, and I’m here with Greg.

But I don’t regret any of this. I’ve had a great time the past two years in school and particularly RHA. I started RHA as a timid representative dragged along to make attendance in the External Committee. I soon fell in love with the organization and stepped into the Communication Committee Chair this year. Now I’m entering the executive chapter of my RHA story and expecting to continue working hard and having the time of my life. Every speech contains thank yous, and many of you may tune them out, but I’m gonna go ahead and do mine because I couldn’t accept this position without them.

First off, I’d like to thank Greg Davis for trusting me enough to run alongside him. A President needs a strong Vice President and vice versa, and I’m honored that Greg held me in high enough regards to fill that position.

During my first Congress freshman year, there was a slightly balding man who spent much of the session talking about things I didn’t understand. My last Congress with him, nothing had changed except now I understood what he was talking about. But I’ve learned more from Justin Ginter in college than I have from any professor whether I wanted to or not. I know Hilary Duff isn’t quoted much in inauguration speeches, but I’m not exactly traditional. Justin has shown everyone that there’s no one way to be a perfect President, but there’s a million ways to be a great one. Justin’s been a great President, but a better friend and an even better man and I’m proud to have served under him.

I’d like to thank my Communications Committee next. Every member is passionate and dedicated to what we’ve done this year, and it’s because they’re so hard working that I strived to do my job better, partly so they wouldn’t show me up.

And lastly I’d like to thank all the residents that thought Greg and I would best represent their interests. Without you we’re just another pair of Missouri students. I promise that we will work as hard as we can to continue to uphold the precedent set before us. I look forward to this opportunity and thank all the people responsible for helping to get me here. Thank you.

So that was my speech, verbatim captured by Bobby’s camera. I embraced Justin amidst thunderous applause, and returned to my seat to and settled in to watch Greg be sworn in and deliver his speech. Greg gave an eloquent speech, explaining his depression last year, thanking a few people and looking forward to the upcoming semesters. Below is the inside of the program, and I’ll be mailing the programs along with any post-election articles within the next week for those of you who are interested.

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