It’s official now. Greg Davis and Nate Ballance are the new President and Vice President of Missouri’s Residence Halls Association. The winning margin was the closest of recent memory, with Greg and myself accumulating only 39 more votes than BT and Scotty. But it only takes one vote either way to win, and win Greg and I did.

The Inaugural Ball went very smoothly and fun was had by everyone who attended. The night opened with a delicious meal served by the Upper Crust downtown. Kristin Temple followed as the keynote speaker, and then Heather Kind-Keppel took the microphone to announce the election results. She certainly drew it out longer enough (or, that’s how it seemed to me) before finally announcing the winning slate. The outgoing president, Justin Ginter then gave his speech before I, and then Greg were sworn in. My speech, which I wrote just a few hours before the ball, was a huge hit. I was forced to pause twice while I waited for outbursts of laughter to subside. After I finished, Greg went and then wild dancing ensued. We partied well into the night, and went home in a light dusting of snow.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening. The Upper Crust was a very nice facility, the keynote speaker was exceptional and the DJ ended the evening wonderfully.


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