Two Weeks

The next two weeks will be incredibly busy. With the election candidacy declaration deadline fast approaching (Monday, February 5 at midnight) there remains only the Davis/Ballance slate. BT Daramola is considering his options of possible Vice President pairings and the word is it’s about 50/50 that he finds one and collects the 50 needed signatures of support by the deadline. Either way, the higher ups are expecting a blow out of astronomical proportions if a second slate is formed.

Looking forward to two weekends from now, that will be the pinnacle of activities. On Wednesday I have a Geography exam. On Thursday I have a Communications exam and a Management exam. In the evening I’ll be present and volunteering at the Iron Chef Mizzou event. i won’t be participating but supervising what I helped put together and showing face for some last minute votes, as Thursday is Election Day in Columbia. After the Iron Chef, the outgoing President is throwing himself a party at a pub downtown that should go well into the night.

Friday brings an English story that’s due, and a Finance Exam. And that night plays host to the Res Hall Ball. Hosted and catered in the Elm Street Ballroom at the Upper Crust, the doors open at 6pm and dinner is served at 6.30pm. Along with finding a date to the ball (Alyssa Starkey) I’m still working on a speech. It’s tradition that the outgoing VP gives a speech (although Greg will just give one all-incorporating speech) the outgoing President will give a speech (which, knowing Justin will be almost unbearably long) and then the President and Vice President elect both give a speech. Mine won’t be anything too special, probably just 3-5 minutes of general information and thanks.

Saturday is the Pershing Area Council (PAC) retreat. We’ll spend the morning doing community service, eat my delicious stir-fry (which has become a dorm favorite) then meet to plan the rest of the semester in the afternoon and end the day by attending the Vagina Monologues.

So that’s the busy weekend. And the next two weeks will consist of me running around preparing for everything, finalizing details and putting the final touches on each event, all while attending classes (and Comedy Wars, of course) studying for tests, and doing homework.


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