My weekends at school seem to follow the same script. Saturday I get up, eat lunch spend about an hour (or so) reading for various classes – with Monday including English and Finance those two are the most popular weekend reading subjects.

Then I grab four quarters from my cup o’ change and head to the gym. I swipe my student ID, head to the indoor track and run 2-3 miles. After I finish running I rent a basketball, buy a Jagged Ice Powerade and select a basketball game going on that looks to include players around my skill level. I play two or three games before filling my now-empty bottle with water and going back to shower.

Then I flip open my laptop and begin working some more. Sometimes I write a paper for English or do homework problems for Finance. But more often than not I can be found Photoshopping flyers, mailbox quartersheets and ads to go into the newspapers for RHA. I also rapidly exchange emails with various contacts looking for sponsors, DJs and hosts for various events and activities. CDS has proved most easy to work with, while the Maneater is very reluctant about cutting student group discounts.

After that I grab a quick dinner and come back to either a short nap or I’ll collapse in the lounge and watch TV.

Sunday’s not much different except that instead of a physical workout, it’s replaced with a spiritual workout. Lunch is after church (usually with Chelsea, Mike and Katie) and more reading and corresponding follows that. Then I go through my usually monotonous week, only to arrive at the weekend 5 days later.

Moral of the story? I’m going to try to work in more spontaneous fun.


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  1. And lunch after church with Katie isn’t awesome? Haha, jk. Love ya kid.

    muah muah

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